susie’s trash the dress

Here comes Suzy Snowflake
Dressed in a snow white gown
Tap, tap, tappin’ at your windowpane
To tell you she’s in town

trash the dress-1

trash the dress-2

trash the dress-3

Here comes Suzy Snowflake
Soon you will hear her say
Come out everyone and play with me
I haven’t long to stay

trash the dress-4

trash the dress-5

trash the dress-6

If you wanna make a snowman
I’ll help you make one, one, two, three
If you wanna take a sleigh ride
The ride’s on me

trash the dress-7

trash the dress-8

trash the dress-9

Here comes Suzy Snowflake
Look at her tumblin’ down
Bringing joy to every girl and boy
Suzy’s come to town