relay for life – warren co

A few months ago I announced my desire to photograph families that have someone battling cancer. You can read about that here. After hearing about “cuck fancer,” some of my fans told me about the Warren County, MO Relay for Life and encouraged me to go. I had heard of the relay before but had never attented. I’m so glad I went!

relay for life, warrenton, warren county

It was emotional, and difficult at times, but so wonderful to see so many survivors and supporters! I was able to share my sister-in-law and dad’s stories, and heard some inspiring stories as well.

relay for life, warrenton, warren county

relay for life, warrenton, warren county

relay for life, warrenton, warren county

If you’d like to download of any of the photos I took at the relay, go right ahead! You can find the gallery by clicking  here. Find the picture you’d like to download- below the image is a down arrow with a line under it -just simply click it.

Here’s a video from the relay if you haven’t seen it:


  1. by april on June 10, 2014  7:39 pm Reply

    Relay for Life is something that is near and dear to my heart. My daughter actually has a team every year since she was a Freshman in high school. Thanks for going and supporting those who are fighting; and remembering those who have lost their battle.

  2. by Jeff on June 10, 2014  7:47 pm Reply

    Wow, impressive work with a very emotional subject and a tough disease. Great job of capturing the emotions in your photographic work, especially in your first image.

  3. by Emily on June 10, 2014  8:14 pm Reply

    What a wonderful opportunity. I have a few cancer survivors in my family and they always inspire me. I'm glad that you had the opportunity to photograph something that is so meaningful to you.

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